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The German rosé wines are rich in finesse and characterised by local fruits and radiate a colourful splendour. Due to the independent character which the rosé wine from Germany has acquired in recent years in international comparison, the fruity fresh rosés from Germany are very popular. Not least the crunchy body in light to strong pink and the unobtrusive charm helped. Today Rosé simply inspires on all kinds of occasions. Whether for celebrating with friends and family, with selected dishes, or solo for two - Rosé from Germany just fits into your daily planning.

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The new German pink wave

Thanks to the temperate climate, the varied soils, warm days and cold nights, the rosé wines from Germany develop a broad spectrum of aromas and nuances, which solemnly reveal the individual subtleties of the German growing regions. Small fine specialities thrive on the vineyards and are handled with the utmost care to ensure perfect freshness and fruit aromas of local fruits. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries and currants are recurring flavours that feel at home in the stimulating structure of German rosé wines. The basis for the fresh interaction is formed by noble and extremely fruity grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Dornfelder, Lemberger and Blaufränkisch. But the inventive and experimental winegrowers also vinify Rotling and Weißherbst.

  • Rosé: Rosé wines are made from red grape varieties.
  • Rotling: In contrast to rosé wine, Rotling wines are made from red and white grape varieties which are pressed together.
  • Weißherbst: A Weißherbst must consist of a single red grape variety obtained from a single vineyard site.

Rosé wines are produced in all growing regions of Germany and have established themselves in many parts as well. Hardly a summer passes without the wonderfully light enjoyment of a German rosé wine. Even at wine festivals where the competition is represented in white and red, the rosé wine bottles stand proudly and handsomely on the tables of the wine drinkers. For illustrious enjoyment, order our pink recommendations.

Our VINELLO recommendation

Schmetterlinge im Bauch Rosé - Winery Kiefer

Already the eye craves the Schmetterlinge im Bauch Rosé. The bright pink promises noble red fruits such as strawberry, currant and raspberry, which the semi-dry rosé wine from the Kiefer winery also easily keeps. The nose is spoiled by lively aromas, which are completed with floral nuances. With the hearty sweet-acid game, every sip tastes like full life - uncomplicated and fruity, the Schmetterlinge im Bauch can be enjoyed at any time of day. Don't be nervous, rather experience this wonderful summer wine to the full.

Rosé wine from Germany buy cheap online

Try the full-bodied character of the German rosé wines from the best sites and growing areas that our homeland has to offer. Whether dry, semi-dry or sweet - for every gourmet there is a pink drop of the highest quality. Order your German rosé wine online and celebrate the simplicity of life. Buy the best rosé wine from Germany at a low price and experience a colourful spectacle. We will send you the exquisite rosés climate-neutrally and insure wherever you want - because unobtrusive enjoyment knows no bounds.