Sartirano Figli

Sartirano Figli

The estate of the Sartirano family in Piedmont

A family and two wineries in Piedmont

The Family

Since 1871, the Sartirano family has been firmly rooted in the wine trade. The first step was taken in 1910 by Giovanni Sartirano, who, in addition to wine production, built up the distribution structure.
In 1946, two sons, Pietro and Giovanni Sartirano, expanded the business with the sole mission of vinifying high quality wine.
Over the years the winery has been continuously modernised and at the end of the 80s Guido and Paolo gave new impetus to the Sartirano winery.
In 2002 the Sartirano family expanded further and today owns a large wine cellar, of which 70% is underground. The storage capacity includes more than 15,000 hectolitres, the wood-ripening cellar and the bottled wine warehouse.

The winegrowers Guido and Paolo Sartirano

The two wineries...

Cantine San Silvestro

In 1973 the already existing company was given the name Cantine San Silvestro. The Ghercina estate was added in 2002. There is now the San Silvestro wine cellar.

Costa di Bussia

In 1988 the vineyard Costa di Bussia - Tenuta Arnulfo with the 27 hectare estate was bought. The vineyards are all south-facing and this winery has one of the most famous barololos: Monforte d'Alba.

The Serre dei Roveri line

The Sartirano family wants to offer world-famous Piedmontese wines for a reasonable price, so that everyone can enjoy them. Serre dei Roveri wines include Barolo, Barbera, Gavi, Barbaresco and Moscato d'Asti. This allows Sartirano to express every typical character of the grape variety and give an insight into the Piedmont region.

Vintage at Sartirano

In the Piedmont region...

More precisely in the hills of Langhe, the Sartirano family has its roots. They include the wine-growing areas of

    • Langhe
    • Monferrato
    • Roero

because the Sartirano family has very close relations with the winegrowers and can thus vinify prestigious wines from different regions.

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More information about Sartirano Figli

Company Name:Sartirano Figli Cantine e Vigneti S.r.l.
Street:Via Ciocchini 7
City:12060 Novello
Contact & Internet
Telephone:+39 0173 731136
Fax:+39 0173 731418
Sartirano Figli
Company Owner:Guido und Paolo Sartirano
Cultivated Area:Piemont
Cultivated Vineyards:Langhe, Monferrato, Roero