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Scheurebe, for some German history, for many a new chapter. A German new breed, cultivated in 1916 by vintner Georg Scheu, has recovered from steady decline in recent years and inspires the young vintners' school with its possibilities. 

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Don't be shy - Scheurebe white wine

For where many prefer the lucrative Riesling, a bevy of wineries are lifting the Scheurebe particularly high. Quality is preferred, Prädikat wines are in demand, variety is on the rise. A home game for the Scheurebe. The fruity grape variety shines in every form, whether dry, semi-dry, sweet or noble sweet. Scheurebe offers winegrowers freedom and connoisseurs very special wines. Let yourself be inspired by fine Scheurebe wines on, your wine trade for a little sip of history - and the taste of the future.

Scheurebe wine - predicate: drinker-friendly

Scheurebe is found almost exclusively as a Prädikat wine. The white wine is often referred to as the German answer to Sauvignon Blanc or a competitor to Riesling. These comparisons may be close, but Scheurebe is something of its own. An answer to the taste of the people. Scheurebe is geared to the connoisseur, not the other way around. It brings freshness to tangy summer wines, sweetness to the finest Trockenbeerenauslesen, powerful body to dry white wines. It offers immense potential, which is particularly tickled out of the grapes by the young guard of the winegrowers' guild. Scheurebe is trendy, the way leads forward and the lovers appreciate it. The variety has never been greater, never better, never more multifaceted - just like the character of the Scheurebe.

Scheurebe Taste

The fruity character of the Scheurebe, unfolds at full maturity to a mosaic of currant, grapefruit and slightly bitter citrus fruits. In the glass, the white wine shines in a spectrum of colours, from pale to golden yellow tones. The powerful and refreshing acidity combines with a subtle sweetness to create an all-around delicate body in which one can detect traces of cassis, pear and peach. Even as a noble sweet wine, Scheurebe does not lose its fresh and thoroughly drinkable character, of which one is happy to serve a glass more.

Origin Mr. Scheu

The year is 1916, Georg Scheu is sitting in the vine nursery he founded in Alzey, Rheinhessen. Little by little he plants seedlings and tries, experiments and analyses. With seedling 88 then success. He notes a new breed between Riesling and Silvaner. In reality, however, it is a mixture between Riesling and Bukettraube, the latter itself a cross between Silvaner and Riesling. However, this was only found out much later by DNA examinations, so Georg Scheu doesn't care. He celebrates his breeding, calls it simply Sämling 88. Time would show - it is the most successful new breeding of the 20th century. In Germany and Austria, the grape variety, also called Alzey S.88 or simply Scheurebe by some, is widely cultivated and vinified. The grape variety celebrated great success in the 50s, when first-class Trockenbeerenauslesen and Eisweine succeeded and enjoyed great recognition.

That was already some years ago. The area under cultivation has been greatly reduced, to now 1700 hectares in Germany and a vanishingly small 350 hectares in the Alpine Republic. But nothing is lost yet, as some wineries in Rheinhessen, Baden, Saxony and Franconia prove. On the contrary, the Scheureben wine varieties have been on the upswing again. Today, you can find consistently attractive Prädikat wines, from the 88th seedling of Mr. Scheu.

Our Scheurebe wine recommendation

  • Scheurebe dry QbA - Lergenmüller

From Palatinate vineyards and flower meadows, Lergenmüller's Scheurebe delivers a bright white-yellow wine with a bouquet of ripe apples. Lean body, long finish and floral aromas, make this dry white wine the perfect companion for balmy summer evenings or a sunny party among friends.

  • Scheurebe from Essen zum Trinken sweet - Spiess

The sweet Scheurebe, a rare pleasure, a fruity aroma. The Spiess winery knows how to pack tradition into a modern body. The palate is spoiled by an elegant and juicy white wine, which provides lasting pleasure with its low alcohol.

  • 12er Vorteilspaket - Day by day Scheurebe medium dry 1,0 l - Frankhof Weinkontor

The same wine day after day. No problem with the wine package from Frankhof Weinkontor and the semi-dry white wine for every occasion. Day after day you will experience an intensive bouquet of black berry fruits and black currant, completed with a vital interplay of fruit sweetness and stimulating acidity. A wine to have a morning pint, to celebrate and to be happy - day after day in a 12 wine package.

Interesting facts about the Scheurebe

What is Scheurebe?

Scheurebe is a grape variety bred by Georg Scheu, which was crossed from Riesling and Bukettraube. From the Scheurebe, dry, semi-dry, sweet as well as noble sweet wines are vinified. Most of the wines made from the grape variety are Prädikat wines and bear witness to the high quality of the Scheurebe. Other common names for the grape variety are Sämling 88, Alzey S. 88, Dr. Wagner Rebe. The latter, however, only with the appendage pfui.

What goes well with Scheurebe wine?

Scheurebe goes well with any occasion. As a food recommendation are dishes from poultry, fish and seafood. Furthermore, the white wine is a suitable companion to fresh salad.

How to drink Scheurebe white wine?

Scheurebe white wine is usually served at a drinking temperature of 10-12°C. However, with the great variety of different styles, it is not possible to make a blanket statement. Pay attention to the individual product description.

How should Scheurebe white wine be stored?

Scheurebe is suitable for long storage, especially Spätlese and Auslesen. Noble sweet Scheurebe wines only develop their full aroma of peach and roses after long storage.

How long does an open bottle of Scheurebe last?

White wines, such as Scheurebe, will keep for up to 5 days if still quite full, sealed with a cork and stored in the refrigerator. If the bottle is only half full, the shelf life is reduced to about 2 days.

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