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La Transición Garnacha DOP 2018 - Soto Manrique La Transición Garnacha DOP 2018 - Soto Manrique
Red wine dry Spain Castile and León (ES)
La Cruz Verde DOP 2017 - Soto Manrique La Cruz Verde DOP 2017 - Soto Manrique
Red wine dry Spain Castile and León (ES)

The wines of SOTO MANRIQUE are the best reflection from the vineyards of the Sierra de Gredos.

Old vines

Soto Manrique- how it all began

After 25 years in the world of quality wine, participating and collaborating in numerous national and international wine projects, Jesús Maria Soto decided in 2013 to start his own wine project under the name of his family name, SOTO MANRIQUE. In search of the Garnacha variety, he arrived in Cebreros in 2016, where he began buying small vineyards, rehabilitating them, planting vineyards and starting to develop his wines. He was immediately taken with the unique plots around the village of Cebreros. Initially, he decided to take over the management of the Cooperativa de Cebreros and rebuilt it considerably. Once a wine merchant from Valladolid, he also came to this abandoned region a few years ago in search of Garnacha grapes for his own Castilla-Léon wine project and was immediately taken by the unique plots on slate and granite soils around the village of Cebreros. He became friends with the winemakers of the local cooperative and after some time decided to take over the management of the Cooperativa de Cebreros. In addition, Jesús (called "Chuchi") has played a big part in the classification of the DOP Cebreros growing region, which took place in 2017. Organic farming, living soils, limited production, unique locations, unique vineyards, personality in the processing, freshness, direct style are the outstanding features of the house. 

Sustainability in practice

Vineyards in the mountains- Soto Manrique

The Soto Manrique winery is located in the village of Cebreros, where traditionally pure Garnacha and Albillo vines are planted on granite and slate soils. Mostly these are old, small vineyards that have survived the development of other high-yielding areas. Thanks to some families who considered the vineyards part of the family, this tasty heritage has survived. And so, even today, you can find old vines in the mountains that have survived the test of time, as they were particularly valued by the winegrowers. They were not concerned with profitability, the grapes were not destined for mass wines, but with quality. Soto Manrique is trying to save exactly these vines. Working with the grapes, they try to restore the soils through biological work in order to preserve the maximum personality of these almost forgotten Garnache vines at 700-1100 meters above sea level. 

Sierra de Gredos- the home of Soto Manrique

The Sierra de Gredos is a high mountain range west of Madrid. It stands out like a high island in the normally dry, flat and very wide central Spain. Some mountains of the Sierra de Gredos reach heights of 2500 meters and higher and are like a dividing wall between the plateaus of Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla-León. All in all, the whole region is very varied, sometimes with high rainfall, sometimes dry and hot. The microclimate is always different -  the ideal basis for terroir wines.

More information about Soto Manrique

Street:Calle de la Passión 13
City:47001 Valladolid
Region:Sierra de Gredos
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Agricultural Methods, Cultivation:biological