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  • Frizzante - tastes just the way it sounds

    Frivolous, fresh, flippant - Frizzante is a lot, just not boring. Come along on the rambling spin and enjoy the slightly foaming wine from Italy and celebrate every day. Frizzante pearl wines are fun and in addition noble, valuable, worth every pearl. With refreshing dynamics and delightful, fine perlage, Frizzante makes every sip a feast - and you can never have enough of that. Browse through our saucy selection of high-quality Frizzante sparkling wines - sometimes dry, sometimes semi-dry, always the right choice for you.


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    Frizzante Sparkling Wines - enjoy moments to the full

    Frizzante are slightly foaming wines whose noble perlage comes from the second fermentation. Thus they are far more dignified than the Spumante sparkling wines and far more sparkling than any still wine. Let yourself be seduced by a colourful and flowery taste that will make you forget your most lively wishes. In summer, with the clique, in twos - hardly any occasion and time can escape the freshness of a chilled frizzante. The most famous Frizzante is undoubtedly the very popular Prosecco, but the sparkling wines after the Méthode charmat are also delicious and fresh across the borders of Veneto. Frizzante from Spain, Germany and Austria are on a par with Italian sparkling wine and play with regional characteristics, but remain true to their origins: the essential characteristics are fruity, lively and sparkling.

    Frizzante and the Méthode Charmat

    The wine undergoes a second fermentation in stainless steel tanks so that the bubbles are added to the wine. This Méthode Charmat or tank fermentation process involves adding sugar and yeast to the base wine and letting it ferment in large stainless steel tanks. This produces carbon dioxide over months and in a natural way, which is bottled together with the base wine. It is also possible to add artificial carbon dioxide to the base wine, but this must be indicated on the label with the terms Gassificato or Vino addizionato di anidride carbonica. However, you will not find such sparkling wines with artificial carbonic acid on VINELLO, the fun should always be of natural origin and not artificial or forced.

    Interesting facts about Frizzante

    What is frizzante?

    Frizzante is a slightly foaming semi-sparkling wine, mainly from Italy. Produced according to the Méthode Charmat, the Frizzante has a light perlage and typical aromas of fruits and flowers. Frizzante are fresh and crunchy sparkling wines for summery and eventful moments with friends and family.

    What is the difference between frizzante and sparkling wine?

    Frizzante is a semi-sparkling wine in which carbon dioxide may also be added artificially to the spumante. This is sometimes a reason why the perlage of a frizzante disappears quickly, while a spumante still has bubbles to offer for a long time after opening. Due to the low carbon dioxide content, there is also less pressure in the bottle of a frizzante. Only 1 to 2.5 bar pressure at 20°C compared to the high pressure of 3 bar and more of a spumante. This means that the bottle can be closed with a spago (cord), crown cap or screw cap. It is practical here that the Frizzante sparkling wine thus does not fall under the sparkling wine tax and can be offered consequently cheaper. Spumante sparkling wines, for example, are closed by a cork, which is held securely in place with the aid of an agraffe, a wire hanger.