der sich lohnt!

Wein von vinello - Ihr Weinhandel aus Dresden für feine Weine und Spirituosen

Wein und Genuss: Bei den alten Griechen war der Rebensaft das Getränk der Götter und stand für Sinnes- und Lebensfreude. Bei Vinello ist Wein natürlich nicht den Göttern vorbehalten, das geht schon aus unserem Leitmotiv hervor: „Genuss für alle!“ Und damit meinen wir es ernst: In unserem umfangreichen und breit gefächerten Wein-Sortiment finden Sie garantiert den passenden Wein für fast jede Gelegenheit – nicht zuletzt dank detaillierter und informativer Expertisen zu jedem Produkt. Wir möchten Ihnen Wein unkompliziert und einfach zugänglich machen, so dass Sie schon beim Wein kaufen in die genussvolle Welte des Weines eintauchen.
Neben Weinen aus den großen europäischen Ländern wie Italienische Weine, Spanische Weine, Französische Weine oder Portugiesische Weine bietet unser Weinversand auch ein umfangreiches Übersee-Sortiment wie z.B. Australische Weine, Argentinische Weine oder Chilenische Weine.

Our Most Popular Wines
Not only for wine experts, but for anyone who wants to become one, we provide:
  • competent wine consultation from our experts either by telephone or in person,
  • an extensive and diverse selection, personally compiled by our sommelier,
  • highest quality products from lesser known wineries,
  • regular wine tasting and winery presentations, wine seminars and events at our wine store in Dresden, at your home or place of business,
  • theme-oriented and seasonal wine sets and wine gifts,
  • exclusive gourmet or wine gift sets individually customised for you,
  • environmentally responsible business practices regarding the selection of our suppliers, packaging and delivery methods, as well as the infrastructure of our wine shops.

Order and Purchase Wine Online

Our wines are professionally stored in our warehouse in Dresden and then delivered with insured shipping worldwide. When you place an online wine order with us, e.g. for a fine Riesling from the Moselle region or a red wine from Bordeaux, we offer you secure payment methods with the Trusted Shop seal of approval, the opportunity to buy on account, and fast delivery. Regular customers may also receive attractive discounts. THE expert specialist merchant for fine wines and spirits in Dresden – Vinello is not just an online wine shop: Our vinothéque in Dresden’s Zentrum Gallerie is one of the largest specialist merchants for wine, wine-related gifts and spirits. You can expect personal, expert advice from our sommelier about red wines, white wines and rare wine specialities, as well as the opportunity to taste many of them. You may – naturally – also purchase wine from our selection of over 2000 different products!

Get Acquainted with the World of Wine – Wine Tasting, Seminars and Winery Presentations

Vinello not only offers wine tasting, wine seminars and winery presentations at our store in Dresden, but we are also more than happy to hold events in the comfort of your own home or at your place of business. In order to recognise good wine and assess a reasonable price-performance ratio, we believe one needs some expertise: And our sommelier is glad to share his knowledge with you. Among other things, you will learn the proper way to taste wine. The triad of wine-tasting is: Discern, describe, determine. Perception involves all of the senses: How the wine sounds when it moves in the glass, seeing the colour it exudes, tasting with all of your senses. Did you also know that you can feel wine in three dimensions? And what do descriptions like ‘flowery’ and ‘finish’ mean? Make an appointment with us for you and your friends or for your company.

Our Wines for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry: Consultation and Ordering Services

We have not only made a name for ourselves as a wine merchant: We provide well-founded advice to restauranteurs regarding sensible wine list configuration, in respect to both quality and economy, as well as how they best fit in with the character of the location. A separate business account is also available to our commercial customers which simplifies the ordering process for our customers from the hotel, restaurant and food industry electronically and includes the terms of payment and delivery that has been agreed upon.

Bag-in-Box Wine, Gift Sets and More

We are pleased to offer you a continually growing selection of wines in ‘bag-in-box’ packaging. This innovative container is becoming more and more popular with wine lovers all over the world. The wine is vacuum-packed into a taste-free plastic bag with an air-tight dispensing valve and then set into a protective, sturdy cardboard box. After opening, the wine does not come into contact with either oxygen or light, which gives it a shelf life of several months. Another benefit of the bag-in-box technology is its low transport volume, which makes for a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional wine packaging options.
We also get a lot of satisfaction from using our wine expertise to create exciting combinations for you, such as our ‘Wine Set for the Perfect French Dinner’ or the composition ‘Chocolate for Wine – Red Wine and Chocolate’. Our sets are carefully combined to introduce you to interesting wines – or charm your friends or business partners. Vinello also offers you a broad selection of well-paired wine collections, e.g. Riesling sets, Moselle sets and many other wine combinations. Browse through our selection of wines and delicacies that is sure to impress you. Vinello is proud to keep you in good spirits!
Nicht nur der Weinkenner, sondern auch jeder, der es werden will, erhält bei uns:
eine kompetente telefonische oder persönliche Wein-Beratung durch unsere Fachkräfte
  • ein umfang- und abwechslungsreiches Sortiment, von unserem Sommelier persönlich zusammengestellt
  • Erzeugnisse kleiner, noch unbekannter Weingüter mit höchster Qualität
  • regelmäßige Weinproben und Weingutpräsentationen in unserem Weinfachhandelsgeschäft in Dresden, zu Hause oder im Unternehmen als Weinschulung oder Event
  • themen- und jahreszeitbezogene Weinpakete und Wein-Geschenke
  • individuelle Zusammenstellung exklusiver Präsente, auch mit Feinkostprodukten
  • umweltgerechtes Handeln bei der Auswahl unserer Zulieferer, bei Verpackung und Versand und bei der Infrastruktur in unserem Weinshop