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  • Tequila - from the hearts of Mexico

    Tequila, the world-famous variant of Mezcal, brings the essence of Mexico to the world. From Jalisco, at the foot of the volcano Tequila and the city of the same name, the Tequila started the triumphal march into all corners of the globe. Tequila enchants connoisseurs with the taste of the blue weaver's agave and also deprive some of the memory of the evening. But the days of hootch are over, because on VINELLO we offer you only the finest tequilas distilled from the best ingredients and with a lot of expertise of the Maestros. Rediscover Mexico's national drink and let yourself be seduced by the smooth taste of blue agave - in perfectly shaped tequila.

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    Tequila - the Champs of Mexico

    The traditional Tequila from the highlands of Jalisco is an unadulterated enjoyment of the natural conditions. The soil is rich in volcanic rock, which purifies the water for Tequila at the same time and offers the blue Agave optimal conditions. The Maestros and Jimadores, the typical names for distillers and agava harvesters, have appreciated this for centuries. For several generations, true institutions of tequila such as Jose Cuervo have been producing tequila like hundreds of years ago. Cooked agave hearts, carefully pressed, macerated, stored in beautiful bottles, which underline the elegance and value of the original Tequila. Whether blanco, gold, reposado or añejo - true Tequila is no simple party drink, it is a Mexican cultural asset. And as such it always finds a place in the front row. Be it in the bar, on the table or in the cupboard - the best tequilas bring unexpected exotic enjoyment with South American temperament to your home. Order your Tequila from traditional brands and innovative maestros on VINELLO - your spirits retailer with the heart of the Agave.

    Protected cultural heritage of Tequila

    Tequila is a legally protected term. In contrast to Mezcal, which in Europe is usually only labelled as a spirit, Tequila is subject to strict regulations in order to secure the national drink, its composition and origin. Tequila may only be produced from the blue agave. Of the plant also known as Agave tequilana, only the hearts - the flesh - are used to produce the best tequila. However, the rest of the plant is used in the communities for all kinds of ecological and sustainable goods, such as jewellery, paper or sewing needles.

    Since each Tequila is made from 100% Agave, the addition of sugar or other substances is strictly prohibited.

    Tequila may only be distilled in selected communities. The stronghold is undoubtedly the highlands of Jalisco, the state with the city of Tequila as the center of the world famous spirit. About 80% of the tequila comes from Jalisco. The remaining 20% is shared by the communities in the states of Nayarit, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas and Michoacán.

    The quality levels of Tequila

    Tequila is divided into two basic types: Tequilas 100% Agave and Tequila Mixtos, which contain at least 51% Agave, while the remaining 49% may consist of other sugar-containing substances. In addition, Tequila is divided into ripeness levels.

    • Tequila Blanco - Tequila may be sold directly without maturing, but a maximum of 60 days in stainless steel tanks is allowed.
    • Tequila Gold - This is a cuvée made from Tequila Blanco and older Tequilas, which give the colourless body some colour and with sugar, syrup and oak wood aroma offer some more character.
    • Tequila Reposado - Tequila with the predicate Reposado are matured at least 2 months and maximum for 1 year in oak barrels. The Tequila thus gets its typical amber tone.
    • Tequila Añejo - the Tequila Añejo is stored for 1 to 3 years in oak barrels with a maximum capacity of 600 litres.
    • Tequila Extra Añejo - the Extra Añejo Tequilas are the highest grade regarding the ripeness. They are aged for at least 3 years and spend most of their time in 600 litre oak barrels.

    Things to know about Tequila

    What is Tequila?

    Tequila is a variant of Mezcal and is made from the blue agave. It is produced exclusively in Mexico. The Mexican spirit has about 40% vol. and is free of any additives. Tequila is suitable for pure enjoyment and as a component of cocktails.

    How to drink Tequila correctly?

    Contrary to the widespread variant with lemon and salt, the best tequilas in Mexican style are not drunk this way. The taste should remain as unadulterated as possible. Tequila is therefore served pure and without anything. In addition, it is not drunk as a shot, but truly enjoyed, which means to keep each sip for a small time in the mouth. A Caballitos glass is perfectly suitable, whereby also brandy glasses are used for particularly valuable Tequilas.

    What is the drinking temperature for Tequila?

    Tequila is served at room temperature in a 4-5 cl Caballitos glass,

    How long can Tequila be stored?

    Like most high-proof spirits, Tequila can be stored for an almost infinite period of time, if stored in a cool, dark and thermostable place - but not in the refrigerator. Even opened bottles of Tequila can be enjoyed almost indefinitely, but lose their aroma over time and through contact with oxygen.

    What goes with Tequila?

    Tequila harmonizes excellently in cocktails. For example Margarita, Tequila Sunrise or Long Island Iced Tea are tasty mixed drinks with Tequila in the central role.

    What is the difference between Tequila and Mezcal?

    The big difference lies in the agave. While Mezcal is made from all kinds of agaves, only the blue weaver agave is allowed for Tequila. Mezcal is also produced throughout Mexico without restrictions, Tequila of course only in Tequila itself and in the approved communities.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    99,000 Horas Anejo - Hacienda Corralejo

    A golden yellow Tequila from the Hacienda Corralejo. 99,000 Horas - the time it took for the blue agaves to grow until they were harvested. A long time for the pure taste of agave and fleeting hints of herbs and mint. Matured for a long time in oak barrels, the 99,000 Horas Añejo combines woody and fruity nuances to a harmonious interplay for exquisite enjoyment. Buy this limited special edition and experience Tequila in absolute pure form.

    Buy Tequila cheap online

    Buy Tequila - drink Tequila. Life can be so simple and tasty. Discover the variety of proud Mexican spirits from the quaint little town of Tequila. Order your exquisite tequilas for pure enjoyment of the blue agave. Whether for your own consumption or as a high-quality gift - Tequila suits every occasion and presents incomparable taste experiences for special moments. Use our insured and climate-neutral delivery and buy your Tequila cheap and safe on VINELLO. Without a hat - just good.