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The Winery van Volxem is located in the historical centre of Wittingen an der Saar. Once a Roman mansion, the vineyards were planted and cultivated by the Romans in the 3rd century. In the 11th century monks rediscovered the estate, managed it and founded the monastery winery in 1743. After the French Revolution, the estate became the property of Gustav von Volxem, an immigrant brewer from Brussels, who recognized its valuable sites and developed it into one of the most prestigious wineries in the following years. The estate was owned by the van Volxem family for four generations and was finally taken over by Roman Niewodniczanski in 2000.

The wine of the Saar is characterized by the cool climate and the mineral-rich, fertile slate soils. Through the steep slopes, the winegrowers of the Vineyard van Volxem have returned to the traditional artisan tradition; the grapes are harvested by hand, with conscientious selection guaranteeing a consistently high quality. The winemaker's sense of tradition is nurtured by his vines, which are mostly true to their roots and have been enthroned for many decades on the large vineyards. Van Volxem produces exclusively natural wines, i. e. wines which, according to the definition of Wilhelm Ruthe from 1904, are a product of the vine without any additives and have characteristically a lower alcohol content. The winery produces large wines in very limited quantities as well as wines from the vineyards, which are distinguished by their individuality.

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Company Name:Weingut Van Volxem
Street:Dehenstr. 2
City:54459 Wiltingen / Saar
Contact & Internet
Telephone:+49 6501-16510
Fax:+49 6501-13106
Van Volxem
Company Owner:Roman Niewodniczanski