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Château Landonnet Entre-Deux-Mers AOC 2022 - Vignobles Jaubert Château Landonnet Entre-Deux-Mers AOC 2022 - Vignobles Jaubert
White wine dry France Bordeaux (FR)
Château Landonnet Rouge 2021 - Vignobles Jaubert Château Landonnet Rouge 2021 - Vignobles Jaubert
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR)
Château Landonnet Rosé - Vignobles Jaubert Château Landonnet Rosé - Vignobles Jaubert
Rosé Wines dry France Bordeaux (FR)
Rouge Bordeaux AOC 2021 - Château Mont Saint Pey Rouge Bordeaux AOC 2021 - Château Mont Saint Pey
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR)

A small family business conquers the world - Vignobles Jaubert

The family Jaubert has been making wine for more than 200 years and is very familiar with the terroir in the west of France. The wines are balanced, represent the character of the terroir and are characterized by the fresh variety of aromas as well as by their juicy structure. 

View into a vineyard of the Jauberts

Growing conditions of the Vignobles Jaubert wines

The vineyards of Vignobles Jaubert are located in Bordeaux, and four vineyards with their own names belong to the company:

  • Château Landonnet
  • Château Mont Saint-Pey
  • Château Laroche-Jaubert
  • Château Arzac

The soils of Château Landonnet are made up of clay with a lime subsoil and a gravel layer. 

Horses are still used to plough the soil

Mont Saint Pey is the parent vineyard of the Jauberts, here too the soil is characterised by lime and clay. A peculiarity of this area is that rainwater flows through the clay and seeps into the faults in the limestone, forming a sort of underground river network. This hydrogeological system represents an ideal drainage of the soil. The roots of the vines reach into the limestone where they receive their minerals. Moreover, the location in the Euille Valley brings the autumn freshness necessary for the particular development of the complex aromatic Sauvignon and Merlot.

For the wines of Château Arzac, special grapes from different vineyards are selected in order to be able to produce wines of the highest quality.

The wines of Laroche, on the other hand, are noble sweet wines, which are produced in the Ciron valley. In autumn, mist from the Garonne rises here, which benefits the fungi that provide the noble rot of the wine, thus producing an exceptional wine.

Xavier Jaubert in the cellar of his company

A loyal team with the best experience is at work at the Vignobles Jaubert

The Vignobles Jaubert uses both traditional and modern methods and techniques. A combination that enables the winegrowers to produce quality wines and at the same time to protect the environment. The individual conditions as well as the microclimate ultimately contribute to the fact that the grape varieties can be fully expressed. The team of Vignobles Jaubert, which has an average length of service of 15 years, ensures that all this remains in harmony. The longest-standing employee has been working for this French wine estate for as long as 30 years. 

More information about Vignobles Jaubert

Company Name:Vignobles Jaubert
Street:Route de Montignac 21
City:33760 Ladaux
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+33 556 236 422