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    All clear; VINELLO sells a wide range of vodka variations from experienced vodka producers all over the world. Whether vodka, Wutka, Водkа, Woda or simply water - vodka belongs to the international top of spirits. High-proof, neutral, pure or as a mixed drink a real and pure pleasure, whose clarity and originality finds its way into the Stopkas. No fusel oils, no aromas, only mild vodka from selected cereals or potatoes, distilled and filtered many times. On VINELLO you will find high-quality vodka online to order and for you to enjoy locally. To eat, celebrate and give away - buy vodka with character and share it with friends and family. Nastrovje or na zdrowie - as you like it!

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    Vodka is simply part of it

    The crystal-clear vodka is one of the most sought-after spirits worldwide, due to its almost neutral taste, which is ideal as a companion to rich dishes and for mixing cocktails. Distilled from rye, wheat or barley, the colourless Spirit has a voluptuous 40% vol. Sometimes more, sometimes less - always elegantly integrated into the mild and sometimes sweet body. Everyone in the so-called vodka belt absorbs the vodka with their mother's milk and knows about the traditional spirit. Anything but pure enjoyment would be an affront to the ancestors who are remembered with every toast. In western regions, however, vodka is an integral part of many cocktails, such as the White Russian or Bloody Mary, and belongs in every bar. A new trend that vodka is currently experiencing is the enrichment of neutral vodka with spices, herbs or fruits, as is the case with gin, for example. No matter how you drink your vodka - afterwards you know why.

    Vodka the Slavic way

    It doesn't take much to enjoy vodka in the traditional way.

    • Vodka
    • Stopka (100 ml glass)
    • cucumber, bacon or mushrooms

    First you call friends or family, because drinking alone is a sign for alcoholics. Cucumbers, bacon, mushrooms or other small dishes are distributed on the table. Now fill the Stopka with vodka - done.

    Little History of vodka

    The origin of vodka cannot be clearly determined. The only thing known is that Russia, Poland, Sweden and Finland have rendered outstanding services to vodka. Although vodkas differ in their composition and raw materials, the process is the same. Especially in Russia, vodka had a varied history, with bans, anti-alcohol campaigns and permissions to resell the national drink. Although Russia and vodka are inseparably linked, the first traces of vodka production can be found in Poland. Vodka was first mentioned in Sandomierz in 1405 and from then on warmed the hearts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. With the flight of respected entrepreneurs during the October Revolution, vodka also migrated into the world.

    Moscow Mule

    With this cocktail, Smirnoff and vodka conquered the United States. This fruity mixture is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients.

    • 5-6 cl Vodka
    • 2 cl fresh lime juice
    • 15 cl ginger ale
    • lime wedges

    Fill a cup with ice cubes and fill with vodka and lime juice. Add the ginger ale and garnish with lime.

    Production of vodka

    The first step in making the best vodkas is to crush the raw material, preferably rye or wheat, and sometimes barley, molasses, potatoes and even grapes are used. After the grain has been milled, the mash is mixed with water. The mixture is heated so that the starch turns into sugar. With the addition of yeast, the sugar becomes alcohol.

    The first distillation process separates the mixture into water and raw alcohol. In order to achieve a better quality, this process is repeated several times.

    In order to create a pure, mild and neutral taste, the vodka passes through various filters several times. Columns with activated carbon, milk protein or cold supply have proven their worth. Free of fuselage and suspended particles, vodka consists almost exclusively of ethanol and water.

    As a final step, the vodka is blended again to reach the approximately 40% vol. that makes up a vodka. The more often the vodka goes through the filtering and distillation processes, the higher the quality of the product.

    White Russian

    For creamy coffee aficionados and followers of Dudeism, the White Russian offers the ultimate pleasure.

    • 3 cl vodka
    • 3 cl Kahlua
    • 3 cl coffee cream

    Lightly whip the cream but leave to flow. Mix the vodka and kahlua with ice cream and pour into a glass. Add the whipped cream. Enjoy.

    Vodka - Brands and rarities

    Our selection of high-quality vodkas includes numerous specialities from all over the world of vodkas. Classics such as Wyborowa Vodka from Poland, the first brand vodka, Russian Standard, based on the work of Professor Mendelejew or Danzka Vodka, have been proving for decades - if not centuries - perfect distillation expertise. But young brands such as Partisan Vodka also distil the highest quality products, combining traditional virtues with the finest ingredients. For collectors of unusual bottles, it is worth taking a look at the Crystal Head Vodka by Dan Aykroyds from Canada or the Legend of Kremlin, embedded in a box in book form. And exotic vodkas from the vodka industry are also on hand - vodka from France with the world-famous Ciroc, the Berliner Brandstifter from Germany, Blue Harbor vodka from Australia and the overwhelming Chinggis Gold from Mongolia. Vodka in abundance and highest quality of well-known brands is at your disposal at VINELLO. Simply buy your favourite vodka online and discover the subtleties of the art of distilling at home.

    Bloody Mary

    Red, spicy, good. The classic Bloody Mary is probably one of the most famous cocktails worldwide. Just try it.

    • 2 cl vodka
    • 6 cl tomato juice
    • 2 cl lemon juice
    • salt
    • pepper
    • tabasco
    • Worcester sauce

    Mix all ingredients, pour into a glass and garnish with celery, lemon or lime.

    About vodka

    What is vodka?

    Vodka is a clear spirit made from rye, wheat or potatoes. Rarely also from molasses, barley or grapes. Vodka tastes very neutral when distilled several times and is free of aromas. The alcohol content is around 40% vol., although this varies from brand to brand.

    How to drink vodka?

    Pure or as a mixed drink. There is hardly a drink that cannot be combined with vodka. The spirits also differ when it comes to the drinking temperature of vodka. Some like it ice-cold, some at room temperature and everyone likes vodka.

    How long does vodka last?

    Like most spirits, vodka has a long shelf life. Even an open bottle of vodka can easily be stored for several years.

    Buy vodka cheap online

    Whether vodka or wodka - everything here, everything that has to be in it. Order noble and extraordinary vodkas from VINELLO and bring Eastern European flair from all over the world to your table. As transparent as vodka is our wine and spirits trade on the Internet. Order vodka safely and easily at low prices and treat yourself to clear spirits, from gin to schnapps. Buy the best vodkas on VINELLO and benefit from our fast, climate-neutral and insured delivery. Everything clear? Then we lift our glasses and enjoy life with high-quality vodkas at VINELLO - na zdrowie!