Weingut Aldinger

Weingut Aldinger

Winery Aldinger Fellbach

1492 - also a great year for Aldinger

The year is 1492 and while Columbus was discovering America the winery Aldinger was founded in Fellbach not far from the city of Stuttgart. Today, there is little to remember of these roots, which go back a long way, also because the Thirty Years' War did not hit this region hard 150 years later and Fellbach lost more than half of its inhabitants. At that time it was Bentz the Aldinger who was the first generation to start the winery.

Bentz the Aldinger kicks it off

Heritage Winery Aldinger Fellbach

But neither war nor plague could eradicate the Aldingers from the face of the earth, so that Gerhard Aldinger, born in 1930, as the 14th generation of the Aldingers took over the helm of the winery. He is also the creator of the GA in the winery logo, which has remained in place to this day. His son Gert finally brought the Aldinger Winery to the top of Württemberg, even Germany, in 1992.

The 16th generation of the Aldingers takes over

Gert, Hansjörg und Matthias Aldinger

Today the Fellbach winery Aldinger is managed by Gerts sons Hansjörg and Matthias, but father Gert is of course still involved. Hansjörg is responsible for the management, while Matthias Aldinger is the cellar master. Today, the Aldinger winery cultivates a total of 27 hectares of vineyards east of Stuttgart, stretching from Bad Cannstatt via Fellbach and Rotenberg to Hanweiler in the northeast.

The Aldinger vineyards in Württemberg

Almost 50/50 white and red grape varieties are cultivated by the Aldinger family. Almost one third is Riesling, 13% Spätburgunder, 11% Trollinger and 13% Lemberger. Smaller quantities still fall on Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Schwarzriesling. On the white side of the grape variety table, Aldinger has about 5% Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc in the vineyards.

These grape varieties are cultivated in the finest Württemberger vineyards

  • Gypsum from Untertürkheim
  • Hanweiler Mountain
  • Fellbach lamb
  • Fellbacher Goldberg
  • Rotenberg Castle Hill
  • Stettener Mönchberg
  • Stetten Powdermächer
  • Uhlbach Götzenberg

Vinification at Aldinger winery

Hansjörg and Matthias Aldinger

The white wines at the Aldinger winery in Fellbach are generally fermented slowly at 12°C - 14° C in a cool environment. In most cases, the wine is fermented spontaneously with the vineyard's own yeasts. Aldinger red wines are fermented on the mash for up to 20 days. This is followed by biological acid transformation and, depending on quality and classification, the red wines are matured in steel tanks, large wooden barrels or in French oak barriques.

Winery Aldinger - Awards "en masse"

There is really no lack of praise and recognition at Aldinger. To list only the current awards is therefore a mammoth task.


  • Vinum Weinguide Germany 2018: 4.5/5 stars - 20 tasted wines - 85-94 points
  • Gault Millau Wine Guide Germany 2018: 5/5 grapes - Ascender 2004 - Collection of the year 2011 - 12 tasted wines - 87-96 points
  • Eichelmann 2018: 5/5 stars - 21 tasted wines - 85-92 points
  • Falstaff Wine Guide 2018: 5/5 stars - 12 tasted wines - 90-95 points
  • Wein-Plus: W++ - One of the best wineries in the country. Producer of first-class wines that are regularly among the best of their kind, even by international standards.
  • The gourmet 2016/17: One of the best wineries in Germany
  • James Suckling: 99 points for Fellbacher Lämmler Pinot Noir Great Plant 2015
  • Robert Parker: 92 points for Untertürkheimer Gips Riesling Marienglas Großes Gewächs 2016
  • Robert Parker: 91 points for Fellbacher Lämmler Riesling Großes Gewächs 2016
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More information about Weingut Aldinger

Company Name:Weingut Aldinger
Street:Schmerstr. 25
City:70734 Fellbach
Contact & Internet
Telephone:(0711) 581417
Weingut Aldinger
Year of Incorporation:1492
Company Owner:Familie Aldinger
Managing Director:Hansjörg Aldinger
Vineyard Area:27 ha
Cultivated Area:Württemberg
Cultivated Vineyards:Berg (Hanweil), Goldberg und Lämmler (Fellbach), Schlossberg (Rotenberg), Mönchberg und Pulvermächer (Stetten), Götzenberg (Uhlbach), Gips (Untertürkheim) - Monopollage
Soil Type, Soil Characteristics:Gipskeuper, Mergel, Sandstein