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    For a long time now, the Yurtschitsch Winery has been an almost ideal example of Austria's highest wine culture. For some time now, Alwin and Stefanie Jurtschitsch have been managing the winery's fortunes and reinterpreting the claim to top-quality wine in their own way.

    For the two of them, this means vinifying wines that are as authentic, complex and specific to the terroir as possible with cool, elegant stylistics - in other words, giving individual expression to the Langenlois vineyards. New parameters, which in reality can be traced back to old traditions, form the basis for this: organic farming methods, healthy soils, minimal intervention in the cellar and constant experimentation in order to keep track of the inexhaustible richness of the wine world.

    When Alwin and Stefanie took over the management of the winery in 2008, their first fundamental decision was to switch to organic farming. Prior to this, they were convinced on their travels through the world of wine that it is not only an ethical principle to work sustainably, but that a further leap in quality can only be achieved through healthy soils and vines. Soil greening is an important topic, as well as breaking through the monoculture "wine" by planting peach trees and vineyard garlic. The long-term goal is to avoid irrigation by making the vines as healthy and autonomous as possible. Healthy vines are not only more resistant, they also produce more intense wines.

    In the cellar, it is imperative to intervene only minimally; the vineyards are fermented completely spontaneously, sulphurated only before bottling and with moderate dosage.

    In order to be able to guarantee wine culture at the highest level, another principle is to shrink in order to grow. For example, leasehold vineyards were returned so that the 62 hectares of vineyards owned by us can be cared for with the best possible dedication.

    The interplay of local conditions in the vineyard, the thoughtful and respectful treatment of nature, the sensitive and careful vinification and the "open mind" for new "old" ways is the successful recipe of Alwin and Stefanie Jurtschitsch for wines with the highest standards.

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    Company Name:Weingut Jurtschitsch
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    Weingut Jurtschitsch
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