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Weingut Liebfrauenstift

Weingut Liebfrauenstift

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Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück Riesling 2016 - Liebfrauenstift Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück Riesling 2016 - Liebfrauenstift
White wine dry Germany Rhine-Hesse (DE)
Riesling Stiftswein Rheinhessen 2016 - Weingut Liebfrauenstift Riesling Stiftswein Rheinhessen 2016 - Weingut Liebfrauenstift
White wine dry Germany Rhine-Hesse (DE)

The Liebfrauenstift winery is located in Rheinhessen, directly in the city of Worms. 

Where Liebfrauenmilch was born - Weingut Liebfrauenstift

The 17-hectare small vineyard is located around the Liebfrauenkirche and is protected from the wind by walls. The vines growing here benefit from the somewhat warmer climate of the city, but also from the proximity of the Rhine. The ripening period of the grapes is thus prolonged compared to other sites in the region and produces better flavors. 

Liebfrauenstift winery

A welcome wine for pilgrims

Worms has been a wine town ever since the Romans came to the Rhine. Here, in the middle of the vineyards, stands the parish church "Liebfrauen" - a Gothic basilica straight out of a picture book. It was built within no less than 198 years, from 1267 to 1465, and quickly acquired the status of a place of pilgrimage. According to legend, the monks served the pilgrims the wine that grew around the church. And it was so well received by the pilgrims that they tasted "the milk of our Lady". According to the legend, since then the site was called "Liebfraumilch". 

In the vineyard of Liebfrauenstift

Fortunately copied preciousness

Since then, the Liebfrauenstift vineyard has achieved great fame, which today belongs to P. J. Valckenberg, the oldest family-run wine trading house in Germany. As early as the mid-19th century, Valckenberg exported its original Liebfraumilch and wines from other top vineyards to all continents. In 1834, however, it was stipulated that Liebfrauenmilch would only grow where the church tower cast its shadow - a manageable area. The quantities required for export were only achieved due to a lack of laws and resourceful winemakers who recognized this loophole. From then on, wines from other sites were also allowed to bear the name Liebfrauenmilch and exports skyrocketed. It was not uncommon for Liebfraumilch to be among the treasures on international wine lists and to be offered at a much higher price than great growths from Bordeaux. 

More information about Weingut Liebfrauenstift

Company Name:Weingut Liebfrauenstift
Street:Weckerlingplatz 1
City:67547 Worms
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Company Owner:P.J. Valckenberg