Weingut Oliver Zeter

Weingut Oliver Zeter

Oliver Zeter is not exactly the type you would call a classic winemaker. This starts with his origins, because Oliver Zeter did not come from his parents' vineyard, but came voluntarily to the wine-growing trade. To this end, he studied with Dr. Deinhard in Deidesheim, today part of the VDP's top wine producer Von Winning, and subsequently gained professional experience in Italy and South Africa. But where others come back to their homeland and sometimes more or less successfully introduce new ideas into their parents' business, Oliver Zeter remained just another alternative way. Together with his father and brother Christian he became a merchant and importer of fine wines, first in Hamburg and later in his home country, the Pfalz.


The beginning of Oliver Zeter's success story dates back to 2007, the first vintage that Oliver and Christian brought into the bottle. In the meantime they cultivate 6 hectares and, especially when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc, have developed into real greats in Germany's wine world. The Sauvignon Blanc was Oliver Zeter's idea, because the winegrower brought a passion for this grape variety from South Africa, which could only be satisfied with the creation of his own Sauvignon Blanc.

Oliver Zeter describes his imagination of the Sauvignon Blanc like this: "Super sexy and at the same time aristocratic, full of fruity aromas, yet discreet and subtle. Very multifaceted. And this is exactly what my brother and I wanted to try out in the Palatinate."

The dedication and commitment of Oliver Zeter and his family soon bore fruit, because already in 2011 the magazine "Feinschmecker" named a tiresome wine as the best Sauvignon Blanc in Germany. Trade journals such as the "Falstaff" or the trade journal "Weinwelt" also contributed to the praise of the Zeter Sauvignon Blancs.

In the meantime, a small trinity of the Sauvignon Blanc is vinified by Oliver Zeter, consisting of a steel tank version, a spontaneously fermented, fumé-like wine from the wooden barrel and a very late harvested, sweet Sauvignon Blanc. Oliver Zeter's vineyards also produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscatel and Pinot Noir. Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah are used for the "Big Bears" - the flagships of Zeter - all fermented spontaneously and matured in wood.

The last thing you should know about the Oliver Zeter wines before you treat yourself to your first sip is surely the most conspicuous - the label. It is a drinking-soul bear, which comes from the pen of a well-known Pfalz painter. He sent the bears with almost human traits as a postcard to Walter Baer, the great grandfather of the Zeter brothers, in 1933. Well, what better match for a winery than a drinking bear?


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