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Secco Weiss - Tina Pfaffmann Secco Weiss - Tina Pfaffmann
Semi-sparkling wine semi-dry Germany Palatinate (DE)
SEA CHANGE Riesling trocken - Tina Pfaffmann SEA CHANGE Riesling trocken - Tina Pfaffmann
White wine dry Germany Palatinate (DE)
Schick und Schön Riesling trocken - Tina Pfaffmann Schick und Schön Riesling trocken - Tina Pfaffmann
White wine dry Germany Palatinate (DE)
Steingut Riesling trocken 2020 - Tina Pfaffmann Steingut Riesling trocken 2020 - Tina Pfaffmann
White wine dry Germany Palatinate (DE)

Winery Tina Pfaffmann Philosophy

"Wine is the taste of nature, terroir and craftsmanship from the winemaker. Nature means life to me. Working together with it, you sometimes come up against limits. It is all the more beautiful, after a year, to have a product in the glass that not only reflects nature, but also those who work on it all year. For me this means: LIFE! Taste, pleasure and emotion all in one. A life without wine is hardly imaginable for me. The joy of life - and being able to share this with people, actually makes me happy. Perhaps you can taste this in my wines, which are like a little diary for me every year. Honest, joyful and artisanal, I thus try to do my best every year. For me, that is authentic!" says winemaker Tina Pfaffmann.

Tina Pfaffmann Winery

Winery Tina Pfaffmann Location of the winery

The Tina Pfaffmann Winery is located on the southern wine route near Frankweiler in the Palatinate. East of the Palatinate Forest, the Haardt as it is also called in the vernacular. The region is famous for its winegrowers, who sell their wines all over the world. The etymology of the place name suggests early settlement in the region around the 5th to 8th centuries. As a Frankish land seizure, colonization took place through the founding of villages, predominantly in the Rhine-Main-Danube area.

Tina Pfaffmann Winery in the Grunen

Winery Tina Pfaffmann Wines

Their grape varieties are classic and typical for the region. The climate is characterized by the valleys and the river Hainbach which blend harmoniously into the landscape. You don't have to say much about them, they are simply fun to drink. For every occasion, without thinking too much about it. This is how winemaker Tina Pfaffmann sees her wines. The grape varieties in the mountains and areas are, for example:

  • Pinot Noir
  • St. Lorent
  • Riesling
  • Pinot Gris
  • Scheurebe
  • Silvaner
  • Gewürztraminer
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Blanc

Tina Pfaffmann sits in her vineyard

More information about Weingut Tina Pfaffmann

Company Name:Wine house Tina Pfaffmann GmbH
Street:On the steel mill
City:76833 Frankweiler
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:06345 / 949 66 95