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    Wine from the Grillo grape variety is considered a typical Sicilian white wine. But what is typical for Sicily, with a changeable and partly chaotic history, as the largest Mediterranean island has experienced. The only thing that is constant, is the ability to change. This is what Grillo, the southern Italian white grape variety from the Three Cape, stands for.

    Grillo: La Dolce Vita, now dry.

    Today universally popular and known as an excellent Italian white wine, Grillo has long been praised as the basis for the legendary Marsala dessert wine. The change of time has brought the tastes of the world. But in Sicily people know how to reinvent themselves. Take a stroll through the Vinello wine trade and encounter the dry Grillo white wine from Italy.

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    Grillo wines - excellent taste at a reasonable price

    Grillo wine brings a full and fresh aroma of fruit, in a round and full body, to the glass. The nose reveals an unmistakable floral bouquet of lemon, pear and orange. The delicate light yellow colour reflects the playful fruity aroma of the intense Grillo and almost hides the high alcohol content of the dry white wine.
    The Grillo wine selection naturally offers numerous variations, which differ from winery to winery and region to region, but basically, the wine from Italy always offers excellent taste for a reasonable price.

    Origin and history of the Grillo grape

    The Grillo grape, although mostly native to the Mediterranean island, is not an autochthonous grape variety from Sicily. Originally immigrated from Puglia, it replaced the stocks of less resistant grape varieties that had been completely destroyed by phylloxera.
    The name Grillo already indicates the robustness of the grape variety and is composed of the two words granum (grape seed) and arillum (fruit skin). Cultivation was always a great success. The hot and dry climate of Italy played the grape into its cards. Due to its rich yield, the grape variety was recommended as a major component of the Italian dessert wine Marsala, the former export hit from Sicily.

    The sweet Marsala, however, lost more and more demand in the eyes of wine drinkers worldwide. Dry wines were preferred. The winegrowers recognised the trend and from 1990 onwards they increasingly grew Grillo and vinified dry white wines from it. The area under cultivation increased threefold. A clear indication of the great success of the changeover in Sicily, rewarded with a DOC label of its own.
    Thus the white wine presents itself as a solo entertainer, but also as a cuvée with the grape varieties Cataratto Bianco comune, Cataratto Bianco lucido and Inzolia. The successful and sun-drenched Grillo is now also cultivated in Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

    Our Grillo white wine recommendation

    Cheap top wines from Sicily are not a rarity, rather a characteristic. The straw yellow Mandrarossa Costadune Grillo from Cantine Settesoli shows it perfectly. An intense bouquet of southern Italian citrus fruits, grapefruit and medlar, and a floral aroma with a hint of basil. Straight from the vineyard on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Fruity, dry, lively. An inexpensive enrichment for every party or Italian evening.

    Things to know about the Grillo

    What is Grillo wine?

    Grillo is a white grape variety grown mainly in Sicily. It is the result of crossing the two grapes Muscat d'Alexandrie and Cataratto bianco. It is used to make dry white wines. Grillo also forms the basis for the sweet dessert wine Marsala. Synonyms for Grillo are Riddu, Ariddu and Rossese bianco.

    What goes with Grillo?

    As a wine from southern Italy, Grillo goes well with Italian cuisine and seafood.

    How must a Grillo be tempered?

    The optimal temperature for Grillo wines is between 8-10 degrees Celsius.

    How long does an open bottle of Grillo last?

    An open bottle of Grillo should last about 3 days in the fridge when closed.

    How do you store a bottle of Grillo?

    Grillo wines should be stored in a cool, dark place and can be stored for up to 3 years due to its high alcohol content.

    How long must Grillo wine breathe?

    Grillo wines are immediately drinkable.

    Buy Grillo white wine online at VINELLO

    Take a sip of Sicilian culture with a fruity Grillo white wine. Vinello offers you a fine selection of delicious Grillo wine representatives. Buy your favourite in our wine online shop and enjoy the uncomplicated delivery, first-class service and the Vinello guarantee. Let us deliver a breeze of Italian Mediterranean air to your home in an uncomplicated and carefree way. La dolce vita, in your glass - now dry.