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    Müller-Thurgau, often referred to as Rivaner, is probably the most accessible white wine on earth. Whether as a mild table wine, high-quality predicate wine or quite simply as a classic Viertele - the Müller-Thurgau white wine is open to everything and everyone who appreciates harmonious and uncomplicated drinking pleasure. The Rivaner, or Müller-Thurgau, is the most successful new variety of all times and was displaced by Riesling to second place among the most cultivated grape varieties in Germany around 1990. No reason not to celebrate the Müller properly - at home, at the wine festival, too tender dishes. Discover the dry white wine from Germany, for illustrious rounds and tasty parties.

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    Rivaner or Müller-Thurgau - simply charming

    Müller Thurgau was bred at that time, 1882 in the research institute Geisenheim in the Rheingau, by Professor Hermann Müller. Perhaps he did not know exactly what he was doing - he suspected a cross between Riesling and Silvaner - and nevertheless managed to create a grape variety that is now spread throughout Germany and many parts of Europe. Wherever deep soils with access to a good water supply are available, the Müller-Thurgau grape variety thrives magnificently. Sometimes even so good that the high yield of the yellowish-green grapes loses taste. That is why winegrowers try to make things a little harder for Müller-Thurgau. Demanding in its undemanding nature. From the 1980s onwards, yield restrictions were largely introduced, which had an excellent effect on the quality of the Müller-Thurgau. No more ordinary wine - Hallo predicate wine for high quality levels. And even though the potential for Rivaner/Müller-Thurgau white wines has noticeably increased over the last few years, the white wine from Germany still retains its simple charm - namely to bring harmonious and flowery Müller to the table.

    A loving character

    A typical Müller-Thurgau white wine is dry, mild and hardly acidic. Northern Rivaner can produce a little more acidity, but characteristic for the Müller-Thurgau is the light note of nutmeg in the aroma and taste. The medium body presents itself pale yellow to light yellow in the glass and expresses a fine fruity bouquet of apple, citrus, pear, apricot and quince. Matured in stainless steel tanks, the result is a light, palatable white wine with mild acidity and a harmonious interplay of floral nuances and fine fruits.

    Origin and career of Mr. Müller-Thurgau

    Professor Hermann Müller bred the Rivaner, a portmanteau of Riesling and Silvaner, at the Geisenheim Research Institute. In fact, it was a cross between Riesling and Madeleine Royal, a grape variety that no longer exists. However, a new breed of Riesling and Silvaner emerged around 1921 with the Rieslaner. The Rivaner spread from then on in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the grape variety is one of the main varieties. Approximately 42,000 hectares are found worldwide, 13,000 hectares in the German growing regions alone, preferably Baden, Franconia, Saxony and along the Rhine. Our neighboring countries also found pleasure in the pleasant and mild character of Müller-Thurgau. The Rivan found a home in Hungary, the Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, England and northern Italy. The Müller-Thurgau is an asterisk of European viticulture and leaves behind famous children with new crossings, such as the Bacchus or the Regent red wine.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    Müller-Thurgau Qba dry 1.0 l - Winzervereinigung Freyburg-Unstrut
    Light yellow, fruity and cheap. A Müller-Thurgau as it should be. A light and uncomplicated dry white wine, with fresh juicy nuances, which makes the Müller-Thurgau Qba from the Winzervereinigung Freyburg-Unstrut the ideal companion for warm days. This Müller-Thurgau can also be enjoyed on its own, harmonising with every barbecue and trout according to the Müllerin style.


    The original cuttings of Müller-Thurgau can still be seen in the research institute. A little plant which is already over 130 years old.

    Jott Alte Reben dry - By Oetinger

    From von Oetinger from the Rheingau we serve you the Jott alte Reben dry. A light yellow estate wine, full of elegant freshness and vital minerality. Aromas of currant, kiwi and gooseberry enrich the palate with a varied and refreshing bouquet. Simple and uncomplicated to enjoy, the Rivaner from Oetinger will convince you in almost every food pairing.

    Interesting facts about the Müller-Thurgau/Silvaner

    What is Müller-Thurgau?

    Müller-Thurgau, also called Rivaner or just Müller, is a cultivated grape variety from which mostly dry white wine is vinified. Bred by Professor Hermann Müller, Müller-Thurgau white wine has developed into the most successful new variety. Today, the grape variety ranks second among the most widely cultivated vines in Germany. The yellowish-green berries produce mild and low-acid white wines with a slight nutmeg note.

    What goes well with a Müller-Thurgau white wine?

    Müller-Thurgau is often drunk solo. The Rivaner white wine also goes well with delicate dishes of poultry, fish, vegetables, asparagus, salad, Asian cuisine, light sauces and mild cheese.

    What is the ideal drinking temperature of Müller-Thurgau white wine?

    The ideal drinking temperature of a Müller-Thurgau white wine lies between 10 and 12 °C.

    How is Müller-Thurgau/Rivaner white wine stored?

    The wines from the Müller-Thurgau grape variety are not suitable for long storage, unless it is Beerenauslese or ice wine that can be stored for about 10 years. Rivaner white wines can be stored for up to 3 years in a cool, dark, temperature-resistant and dry place.

    How long does an open bottle of Müller-Thurgau last?

    Depending on the content, a bottle of Müller-Thurgau white wine may last up to 5 days. The less the content, the shorter the durability. For example, if there is only one glass left in the bottle, the wine should be drunk the next day at the latest. The bottle is optimally closed again with the cork and stored in the refrigerator.

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