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    The grape variety Pecorino is primarily grown and vinified in Italy. Examples of Pecorino white wines with a pleasing fruit note and medium acidity are the Italian wines Controguerra, Falerio dei Colli Ascolani and Offida.

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    Pecorino – grape variety indigenous to central Italy

    Despite its relatively low yield, this ancient white grape variety is very popular with wine connoisseurs. The concentrated wines produced from this grape have a pleasant acidic structure, notwithstanding their high alcohol content. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to suggest that Pecorino wines are for everyone. The combination of exotic fruit, herbal (such as sage), bell pepper and elderflower notes is probably not suited to a large commercial market.


    Pecorino Wine: unique bouquet – incomperable - unmistakable

    When one hears the word ‘Pecorino’, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the salty goat cheese of the same name. This relatively unknown grape variety had become almost extinct, but its cultivation was revived in 1989. Wine connoisseurs with a taste for the extravagant should definitely give varietal wines made from the Pecorino grape a try.