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    Silvaner, the harmonious white wine from Germany, means the world to the people from Franconia, Rheinhessen and the Palatinate. Because the values of a 350-year-old winegrowing tradition are reflected in the light golden shine of the glass. Down-to-earth, elegant and diverse; the Grüner Silvaner is and remains an enchanting quality wine from local vineyards. The multifaceted soil composition determines the modern and balanced character of Silvaner wine, convincing winegrowers and connoisseurs worldwide.

    Silvaner - freshness from Germany

    Even though the grape variety originally came to Germany from the Alpine Republic, even though Silvaner is a Latin name, even though the vineyards have been considerably reduced; Grüner Silvaner is quality "Made in Germany" of which one can be proud.

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    Variety at the top

    The mostly dry wine Silvaner is as diverse as it is widespread. Regional nuances can be felt in every glass, as can the skill of the wineries. Some press Silvaner semi-dry, some make sparkling wine, even orange wine. However, a pure, dry white wine of exquisite taste is common. The decline in the area under cultivation is therefore not due to a lack of interest in Silvaner, but to popular new varieties and the steadily growing penchant for German red wine.
    However, the concentration of the cultivation holds the secret of the rekindled success. For absolute top wines from the Silvaner grape, quantity reduction is indispensable. Smaller cultivation area - greater reputation. The new old German wine sensation - Silvaner is the new Riesling.

    A walk through nature - taste the Silvaner white wine

    Green Silvaner is characterized by a harmonious balance between fine acidity and delicate aromas. The white wine is strongly dependent on the soil and its minerality. This results in fresh and smooth summer wines, which are mostly drunk young. Silvaner requires a long maceration period and therefore develops strong and full-bodied, with a flowery bouquet of local fruits, such as pear, apple, but also sometimes peach. The nose discovers mild spicy aromas, paired with quiet, fruity hints of melon, quince and scattered fruit.

    Silvaner refers to the Latin term silva, meaning forest, and just like a forest, the grape variety grows and thrives lushly on the slopes along winding streams. Under good conditions, it grows so much that yield reduction is absolutely necessary to obtain high-quality Silvaner white wines. Otherwise a neutral taste develops.

    From the neighbour's garden - the origin of Silvaner wine

    Silvaner is an autochthonous grape variety from Austria, although the variety receives little attention there. It is a natural cross between the ancient Traminer grape and Österreichisch Weiß. The grape immigrated to Germany via the Danube region in the 17th century. For many years Silvaner has established its largest distribution in Germany. The area under cultivation has been reduced since then, to now a stable 5000 hectares, but Silvaner is still one of the most widely cultivated grape varieties in this country.
    A total of 75% of Silvaner's cultivated area is spread over Franconia and Rheinhessen, where the grape is one of the leading varieties of the regions. Other outstanding growing areas can be found in the Palatinate and Saale Unstrut, as the wines of Markus Pfaffman and the Bernard Pawis winery prove.

    Our Silvaner wine recommendation

    Silvaner Nierstein Qualitätswein trocken - Winery Schätzel

    From the stronghold of Silvaner: Rheinhessen's description of taste. For the nose of wonderful elderberries and fresh herbs, for the palate awakening pear blossoms and acacia honey, for the tongue strong structure and refreshing minerals. Everything a quality wine needs - in every bottle from Silvaner's adopted home; Rheinhessen.

    Kugelspiel Silvaner dry - Castell

    A Silvaner Castell, the Kugelspiel from Franconia. Brilliant yellow and wonderfully fruity. The dry white wine elicits the floral aromas from pears, apples and the herb meadow and saturates the palate with a dense bouquet. The name of the steep slope is the result of an acoustic peculiarity. If hunters in the surrounding area fired a shot, the echo reached the vineyard. Kugelspiel - from the Fürstlich Castell'schen Domänenamt.

    Grüner Silvaner dry - Pawis

    An exotic one, as far as Silvaner wine is concerned. From the comparatively small wine region Saale Unstrut, the dry white wine from the Bernhard Pawis Winery presents itself in an incomparably fresh bouquet of banana, apple and pear. A refreshing and light Grüner Silvaner, perfect for warm days and cold drinks.

    Interesting facts about Silvaner white wine

    What is Silvaner?

    Silvaner, also called Grüner Silvaner or Sylvaner in Alsace, is a white grape variety. Originally from Austria, the largest growing areas are found in Germany, with Rheinhessen, Pfalz and Franken. The white wine is mostly dry and its taste is more oriented to the soil than to the fruit.

    What goes well with Silvaner white wine?

    Silvaner is recommended with white meat, poultry and fish dishes. The fresh white wine also harmonises with sophisticated asparagus or a cream soup.

    How to store Silvaner wine?

    Silvaner has a high ageing potential, although it is usually drunk young. Silvaner should be stored cool and dark. Large temperature fluctuations and dry rooms should be avoided

    How do you drink Silvaner?

    The ideal drinking temperature for Silvaner white wine is 6-8° Celsius.

    How long does an open bottle of Silvaner last?

    The fuller the bottle, the longer the shelf life. A half-full bottle of Silvaner, if tightly closed, will keep for 3 to 5 days. Less content should be drunk the next day.

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