Winter wines - the ones tha warm you from the inside

Snow, hail, drizzle - no matter what state the precipitation in winter has, it makes us shiver and crawl inside. Winter, no matter whether we euphemistically call it "mild" or whether it freezes the -30°C windshield wiper fluid, makes people curl up. Some in front of the television, others in front of a fireplace or tiled stove, others in their kitchens or reading corners.

Always good, apart from mulled wine or tea, is a good glass of winter wine. But what's winter wine? Winter wines are wines which have been fueled with a lot of sun and which inspire with spiciness, power (also alcoholic one), opulent fruit and voluminous taste. Wines that have something to counteract this dark, grey, lifeless something out there in front of the window. Get to know our winter resistance fighters from Spain, Italy, France & Co. now.

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