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    Doppio Passo Primitivo

    A large selection of Doppio Passo Primitivo wines await you at Vinello – from the new Doppio Passo Rosé to our organic Doppio Passo and our Doppio Passo Magnum. Our Doppio Passo special multi-bottle packs are also very popular.

    The home of the Primitivo grape, from which Doppio Passo wine is made, is Apulia on the southern coast of the Adriatic Sea. This is where the Salento Peninsula forms the heel of the Italian 'boot'. Decades ago, the Casa Vinicola Carlo Botter Winery realised that sun was especially loving to the grapevines in Salento. The results are red wines of great intensity, rich in structure and nuances. Thanks to an innovative method, Carlo Botter has been able to extract even more aroma from the grapes for his Doppio Passo Primitivo.

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    A Doppio Passo is something very special

    Doppio Passo can be translated roughly as 'double step'. It describes a very special production process. One portion of the grapes for a Doppio Passo is harvested early, in the second half of August. These grapes are made into red wine according to the classic method with fermentation taking place at a maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and lasting for at least 15 days. Three to four weeks after the first harvest, the rest of the grapes are picked. During the time in between harvests, the sunny Apulian climate has caused the second harvest grapes to lose moisture and concentrate their aromas. Then these well-dried grapes are also fermented. Once this step is completed, the red wine from the first step is added to the mash from the second. A second fermentation begins, during which colourants and aromas are further extracted from the grape skins. The wine becomes more full-bodied and complex. That is how Doppio Passo wine was born.

    Doppio Passo as a medium dry red wine, a dry Riserva, Rosé or organic wine

    In the Vinello online wine shop, we offer you a complete selection of Doppio Passo wines. You will discover various Doppio Passo Primitivo Salento medium dry red wines. All ear the IGT seal, and some are even offered in organic quality. If you want to buy Primitivo wine that is a bit bolder and contains less residual sugar, then simply look to a Doppio Passo Riserva, which has been matured for a longer period. Along with our Doppio Passo wines, we now also offer you rosato and rosé wines produced with the same method for an unusually complex range of fruit and crisp aromas.

    Doppio Passo Primitivo – longer storage potential in the Magnum bottle

    The Doppio Passo Primitivo IGT Salento is now also available in a 1.5 l magnum bottle. This large format Doppio Passo is not only a wonderful gift! Especially if you plan to store it a bit longer, the maturation of the wine benefits from the magnum size bottle. Doppio Passo red wine is suitable for longer bottle maturation as a rule. From the time it is bottled, it can mature in the wine cellar for a good seven to eight years if it is properly handled. That makes it worthwhile to take advantage of affordable bulk packs to store and mature in your cellar. The Doppio Passo Primitivo Riserva can also be stored easily for an entire decade. Only the Doppio Passo Primitivo Rosé wine is better enjoyed young and should be served after four or five years at the latest, in contrast to most other rosé wines, which do not store well in general.

    Buy Doppio Passo wine: safe, convenient, fast – and simply delicious!

    You can buy Doppio Passo from Vinello, your first class online wine shop for wine from Italy on invoice – right from your very first order. In addition, you can also choose from the 15 other payment methods we offer. After all, we want to make absolutely sure that you are satisfied with your Doppio Passo wine. And that is why we offer you a full 28-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. In addition, we also offer you our exclusive Vinello cork guarantee in order to ensure you the safest order possible. All orders from our large selection of wines ship promptly so that you can enjoy your Italian red wine as soon as possible.