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    Wine from Australia - that's wine from the land of the Roos, Wallabies and Goons. Australian wine has long been part of the inner circle of the world's wine-growing elite - and doesn't really care about all the fuzz. Fresh standards, a state-of-the-art wine industry and international reputation - of course the wines from Australia are so sought-after. Come along on a journey through the southern regions Down Under and enjoy the relaxed way of the Aussies - with stickie, billy and an australian wine in your hand.

    Australia wine regions

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    Fair dinkum: First-class Australian wines at VINELLO

    Wine growing in Australia focuses on the southern part of the country down under. Between the hot and unyielding outback and the currents and sea winds of the Indian Ocean, there are valleys and fields, gifted with mild summers and moderate rainfall. Almost ideal conditions for viticulture, as Captain Arthur Philips pointed out when he explored Australia's coasts with the First Fleet. Today the wine industry is in full bloom and presents the world extremely fruity white wines, opulent red ones and tingly sparklings from internationally renowned wineries. The Australian wine will also convince you and take you to a new world from which the old can still learn something.

    Down under: The taste of Australian wine

    Australia does not have any indigenous grape varieties, so it relies grapes from the old world. Especially Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sémillon, Merlot and Riesling can be found in the vineyards Down Under. The wines are characterized by irrepressible energy. Australian wines - be they red wines, white wines or sparkling wines - have extremely intense fruity notes, rounded and full bodies, as well as spiciness and freshness in a wide variety. And reinforced wines have always been a speciality. The so-called stickies are vinified from almost all available grape varieties and bear witness to the sweet life of the Aussies.

    An Australian quality system?

    There is no hierarchical quality system in Australia that declares the quality and goodness of a wine. Only the Labeling Integrity Program ensures the accuracy of the information indicated on the label of a wine bottle. The following information must appear on the label:

    • Origin: Depending on where the grapes for the wine come from, a geographical indication must provide appropriate information. Although the indication Produce of Australia is still quite general, information about the zone, region or subregion is much more detailed. However, in order to be allowed to name such designations of origin, the wine must also come entirely from the smaller zone.
    • Grape variety: at least 85% of the grape variety indicated on the label must be present in the corresponding wine.
    • Vintage: The vintage gives information about the year of harvest and vinification of the wine.

    Australia's growing regions

    Although small areas are found in almost all Australian states except the Northern Territory, most of the vineyards are located in the southern regions, mainly New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. Small populations can also be found in Queensland and Tasmania. Each region skilfully plays with the terroir they have been given. As a result, various focal points for viticulture were created from zone to zone. Let's dive into Australia's most important wine growing regions and discover the subtle differences that make Australian wine shine in diversity.

    South Australia

    The state of South Australia is home to some of Australia's most renowned wineries and regions for Australian wine. No wonder, as South Australia produces about half of the wines from Australia. In the Mediterranean climate, grape varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling find ideal conditions on the Terra Rossa soils. From there the vines feed themselves with an unmistakable spiciness. In the slightly elevated areas in the north of Adelaide, the winegrowers create excellent Rieslings. All around excellent and predominantly red wines have tradition in South Australia, which for example in the Barossa Valley, with the world-famous Penfolds Winery, is cherished and cultivated.

    New South Wales

    The cradle of Australias viticulture is also the cradle of modern Australia - New South Wales includes not only Sydney, but also elegant and fresh white wines from Chardonnay and Sémillion as well as powerful and spicy Shiraz red's from the Hunter Valley. All together well-founded in a wine-growing region that brings the hearts of the Aussies to rejoice year after year with accessible wines. New South Wales wineries are well worth a visit, so start your holiday planning with our range of New South Wales wines.


    Viniculture is also very popular in Victoria. On aprox. 25,000 hectares the vines stretch from the Murray River in the north to Port Phillip on the Indian Ocean. The most important grape varieties are undoubtedly Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which thrive abundantly in the Mediterranean climate. Victoria is also internationally known for lively sparkling wines with a fruity bouquet. Whether pure Shiraz red wines or exhilarating sparkling wines - wines from the state of Victoria are among the best Australia has to offer.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    Shiraz Benchmark - Grant Castle

    A modern interpretation of Shiraz that the Australian winegrowers of the Grant Burge winery have come up with. Deep and dark red tones play around the rich body with violet reflections. The typical bouquet of fully ripe cherries, plums and spicy spices is already reflected in the dark fruit aromas and elegant tannin structure. The pleasure of the Shiraz Benchmark is completed by a round finish that harmonizes perfectly with a roast or grilled meat.

    Australian wines buy cheap online

    Wines from Australia are cheap and easy to find on VINELLO. Order your Australian wines and experience the extra class that has captivated wine experts worldwide. Buy wine from Australia safely online, relax and expect insured, climate-neutral and benevolently packaged delivery. Pay as you like, send wherever you like. Noble and powerful red wines, fresh white wines and noble sparkling wines from Down Under - pour and enjoy. Cheers mate!