Fattoria Le Pupille

Fattoria Le Pupille

Fattoria Le Pupille

Fattoria Le Pupille - The character and aroma of the Maremma

Elisabetta Gepetti has always liked Tuscany, especially the Maremma. This coastal landscape at the Tyrrhenian Sea was an inhospitable marshland landscape for centuries, but now, after drainage measures, tourism and agriculture dominate here, with viticulture in particular on the rise.

The Fattoria Le Pupille was founded at the end of the 18th century, changed hands several times, but it is 1985, when Elisabetta Gepetti recognized its destiny and took over the family winery Le Pupille and founded it again, so to speak. She left the university behind and devoted herself to the vineyard and cellar. The Cabernet Sauvignon, newly planted on some rows of Sangiovese, began to bear fruit, the support of the famous oenologist Giacomo Tachis was much more than a technical consultation. The result is a project that has made the company a true pioneer of the Maremma. In 1982 the company's first "official" label, a Morellino Riserva 1978 vintage, was released. Saffredi, the wine that made Maremma's excellence known far beyond its borders, was first produced in 1987.

The purchase of the Poggio Valente winery in 1996 gave the company an even more important face. The map of the vineyards reflects the different stages in the development of Le Pupille and the distances separating one vineyard from the other are also important. It may be necessary to go up and down the hills, cross forests and medieval villages, drive a few kilometres through wheat and sunflower fields before reaching the vineyards of Saffredi or Poggio Argentato.
The most important nucleus of the estate is located near the village of Pereta, 25 hectares in all, today called Vecchie Pupille, including the five hectares of vineyards dedicated to the flagship of the estate - Saffredi. Pereta is located halfway between Scansano and Magliano in Tuscany, two names that also mean the historical heart of Maremma viticulture for laymen. Near the village of Pereta is the Saffredi vineyard and the one of Poggio Valente, which follows the gentle hill at 280 metres above sea level. Near Scansano is a 4 hectare plot planted with white grapes, while at the gates of Magliano a large vineyard of 20 hectares is planned for the production of Morellino.

Fattoria Le Pupille today resembles a mosaic. Over the years, the original core has been enriched with new vineyards, which have grown to 80 hectares of vineyards and are spread like mosaic stones over the most dedicated vineyards in the region. Another 20 hectares are used for olive trees and then grain and cork oaks alternate with willows, a total of 420 hectares of land.

Since 2012, oenologist Luca D'Attoma has been responsible for vineyards and wine cellars. He is also considered the Armani of oenologists for his class and striving for perfection.

Elisabetta Geppetti has successfully realised her heart's desire to produce great wines. She is called Signora del Morellino and Ambassador of the Maremma. In 1992 she became the first female chairman of the newly founded consortium Morellino di Scansano, a position she now holds again. Of her five children, Clara, her eldest daughter, is already active at the winery alongside her mother.
In 2006, Elisabetta Geppetti was named "WineGourmet" and "The Gourmet" wine maker of the year.

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More information about Fattoria Le Pupille

Company Name:Azienda Agricola Fattoria Le Pupille
Street:Piagge Del Maiano 92 A
City:58100 Grosseto
Contact & Internet
Telephone:+ 39 0564.409517
Fax:+ 39 0564.409519
Fattoria Le Pupille
Year of Incorporation:1985
Company Owner:Elisabetta Geppetti
Managing Director:Elisabetta Geppetti
Oenologist:Luca D'Attoma
Cellarmaster:Luca D'Attoma
Vineyard Area:80 ha
Cultivated Area:Maremma, Morellino di Scansano
Cultivated Vineyards:Poggio Valente, Saffredi